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BLMA #87 - 36" Fan Grill w/ Center Plate - N Scale

BLMA #87 - 36" Fan Grill w/ Center Plate - N Scale
BLMA #87 - 36" Fan Grill w/ Center Plate - N Scale
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Prototype History: We have designed our fan packages to retro-fit existing fan housings from such locomotive manufacturers as Kato, Atlas and Life-Like, among many others. Note:  Our 36" fans work as 48" fans on Z Scale locomotives! What fan style is correct for your project? We're often asked what style of fan grill is needed for a specific project.  With so many variations of locomotives produced it is impossible to give a single, short answer that is always correct.  With that said, this is what we DO know: - SD40/GP40: This series of locomotives all use 48" fans for both radiator and dynamic brake cooling.  For these models, you will ned BLMA #81-84 - GP30/35 & SD35:  These locomotives use a combination of 36" & 48" fan grills.  Our 36" Fans are BLMA #87-88 and our 48" Fans are BLMA #81-86. - SD50-SD90:  We've created a Modern EMD Fan Package for these models as they all utilize larger 53" radiator cooling fans and one single 60" dynamic brake cooling fan.


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