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Carrera 20030340 - Digital 132/124 Speed Controller

Carrera 20030340 - Digital 132/124 Speed Controller
Carrera 20030340 - Digital 132/124 Speed Controller
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Carrera 20030340 - Digital 132/124 Speed Controller
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Wired controller for DIGITAL 132/124 race tracks DIGITAL 124, DIGITAL 132 To control your vehicle with precision Package contents: 1 piece The speed controller – your tool for the perfect race Get off to an ideal start, drift spectacularly through the corners and always overtake your opponent in exactly the right lane – you can do all this with a little tact and your speed controller. As usual, you can use the upper button to fine-tune the speed of your slot car. The red button on the front allows you to change lanes on your DIGITAL race track. The controller is wired, so you don't need to worry about whether or not the batteries are fully charged. It always works. The spiral cable gives you enough freedom of movement and does not restrict you during races. Carrera Digital 132/124 Speed Controller


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