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Cobalt Omega Classic Single - Point Motor - DCP CB1A

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Cobalt Omega Classic Single - Point Motor - DCP CB1A
Cobalt Omega Classic Single - Point Motor - DCP CB1A
Cobalt Omega Classic Single - Point Motor - DCP CB1A
Cobalt Omega Classic Single - Point Motor - DCP CB1A
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Cobalt Omega Classic Single - Point Motor - DCP CB1A
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The Cobalt range of point motors is evolving… Introducing the Cobalt Classic Ω… We’ve taken the very best of ‘Cobalt Classic’, made it even better and then added even more features! The best there is… just got even better! As with the original Cobalt Classic, the Cobalt Classic Ω is available singly and in packs of six or twelve. Every Cobalt Classic Ω is, as always, totally complete and we even include the mounting screws so there is nothing else needed. We have also included the very popular double-sided foam mounting pads! Cobalt Classic Ω may look almost the same… But it has been totally re-engineered on the inside to make it even more durable… But those are only the more subtle changes, and there are some really nice “added value” features too: Cobalt Classic Ω is now even quicker and simpler to install, because every Cobalt Classic Ω leaves the factory with the throw-bar pre-centred and ready to install. No more need to centre the throw-bar before installation! Of course Cobalt Classic Ω is super-easy to wire, with no soldering thanks to its spring connectors. Cobalt Classic Ω has been re-engineered inside to even further lower sound levels during operation, we have also tightened up on gear specifications even more… and revised the heavy duty gold-plated SPDT switch contacts so that they will now easily and reliably handle in excess of 5 amps… We have added a “Voltage range switch” so that Cobalt Classic Ω is able to be used over two wide voltage ranges… Leaving you a really wide choice in power supply levels – either 7~12v or 12~18v And… Best of all: There are now THREE switches on every Cobalt Classic Ω motor…. And each switch is directly linked to the movement of the throw-bar for absolute confirmation of point changing. We’ve not made it any harder to do the basics though… Panel lights are still simply installed in series with the wires that power Cobalt Classic Ω, making professional looking control panels dead easy for every modeller! Overview of Cobalt Classic: Cobalt Classic Ω is very powerful but gentle on your turnouts. A moveable fulcrum allows easy adjustment of blade closure pressure and ensures that throw can be easily adjusted irrespective of scale, type of point-work or thickness of baseboards. Cobalt Classic Ω has THREE on-board SPDT switches – one linked to the two power input wires is “diode controlled” and is perfect for panel lights or switching of signals, low current relay control or feedback/computer IO. The other two are tough 5 amp SPDT switches that you can use for frog power or any other form of switching/interlocking around the layout. Cobalt Classic Ω is compatible with all common modelling gauges from Z to G scale, and can be used with 2 or 3 rail systems from any brand, whether the layout is AC, DC or DCC powered. Cobalt Classic Ω is easily and economically converted for DCC use with the addition of purpose designed AD-Series accessory decoders. (If you are using DCC and  already have solenoid accessory decoders, that’s okay too – You can power Cobalt Classic Omega Ω with accessory decoders designed for three wire solenoids if you also use our DCCconcepts SDC adapters.) Cobalt Classic Ω draws very little current and is designed to be powered by any regulated DC power supply. We recommend 9v DC regulated…but because it includes a simple-to-use voltage range change switch, you can use any DC power supply between 7 and 18v. With its low current draw (Varies with voltage but typically 20mA) big power supplies are not needed, so you can choose to use any appropriate sized “wall plug” type regulated DC power supply for a smaller layout. For larger layouts, we strongly recommend our excellent PSU-2 power supply, which, because of its unique 9v+9v “split-rail” configuration, both supplies the perfect voltage and even further simplifies wiring! We also offer a complete range of Cobalt accessories for Cobalt Classic Ω – switch packs with panel mount LEDS, foam mounting pads for even quieter operation, tie-bar stickers to disguise the mounting holes and accessory packs that even include the drills needed for installation. Most importantly, all Cobalt Classic Ω point motors also are guaranteed for life, so as long as you own any Cobalt point motor, it is under warranty and in the rare event of a fault, we will, as needed, replace it or repair any problem that may arise… so you can be confident that when buying ANY Cobalt motor, it will indeed be the last point motors you ever need to buy!


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