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DV Giochi 9021 - BANG! The Bullet

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DV Giochi 9021 - BANG! The Bullet
DV Giochi 9021 - BANG! The Bullet
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DV Giochi 9021 - BANG! The Bullet
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BANG! THE BULLET A CARD GAME OF... BIG CALIBER! Ever since it all began, the Outlaws have been hunting down the Sheriff. The Sheriff hunts down the Outlaws. The Renegade plots in the shadows, ready to take sides on one side or the other... Who will be the ruthless Outlaw, who is waiting for nothing more than to take out the Sheriff? To find out, you have to take the cards... At one point, under the scorching sun of a Fire Noon, unexpected events moved the gunmen between shootings and ghost towns. The frontier has widened to the city of bison, Dodge City, flourishing and dangerous: here new characters clash who act in an unpredictable way. And when the going gets tough, all that remains is to play everything for a Fistful of Cards... absolutely different. As if that were not enough, sometimes even stranger gunslingers sprout from secret shelters, really difficult to catch. Today, finally, the Sheriff has decided to close the matter in his own way. With a bullet with the name on it. This name is BANG! This special edition in a bullet-shaped metal box contains the cards from the base game of BANG! and three expansions! DV Giochi BANG! The Bullet Playing Time: 20-40 minutes Number of Players: 4-7 Suggested Age: 8+


20-40 Minutes
Number of Players:

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