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DV Giochi 9042 - Wonder Book

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DV Giochi 9042 - Wonder Book
DV Giochi 9042 - Wonder Book
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DV Giochi 9042 - Wonder Book
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Unique Pop-up Mechanisms Each pop-up has its own unique gameplay rules that will surprise you with an unforgettable immersive experience. Miniatures will constantly interact with the 3D pop-up scenery! Branching Storyline Your choices matter! As you delve deeper into the majestic world of Oniria, make difficult decisions and follow your path to one of the many endings. Thanks to the Keyword system the game will remember your choices. Card-driven Gameplay Just follow the story with the Chapter's deck of cards and let the game introduce you to all the different paths, then start playing inside the book with a simple yet deep dice combat system. Challenging Enemies Thanks to a deck specifically designed to manage the enemies' behavior, no two combats feel the same! Wyrms have simple rules to follow but offer a deep challenge. Watch out! The deck will evolve and change as you go deeper into the story! Strong Co-op Synergies Your Hero attacks and abilities are strong enough to defeat most enemies, but victory will require team strategy! Don't be shy to experiment with your skills! Customize Your Hero Build your Hero's abilities to match your gameplay style: each time you get an upgrade, you will have the opportunity to choose one of two new powerful skills that will affect how your Hero will play. BEGIN YOUR ADVENTURE! DV Giochi Wonder Book Playing Time: >90 minutes Number of Players: 1-4 Suggested Age: 10-99


60-90 Minutes
Number of Players:

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