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DV Giochi DVG9105 - Bang!: The Dice Game

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DV Giochi DVG9105 - Bang!: The Dice Game
DV Giochi DVG9105 - Bang!: The Dice Game
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DV Giochi DVG9105 - Bang!: The Dice Game
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In the Wild West, the eternal battle between the Law and the Outlaws keeps heating up. Suddenly, a rain of arrows darken the sky: it`s an Indian attack! Are you bold enough to keep up with the Indians? Do you have the courage to challenge your fate? Can you expose and defeat the ruthless gunmen around you? Experience all the excitement of BANG! - now with dice! In BANG! The Dice Game, players take turns rolling the dice up to three times. The dice determine which actions that player can take on his turn. You must manage your dice rolls carefully to attack your enemies and avoid dangers and threats. Featuring the artwork of Riccardo Pieruccini - winner of the BANG! Birthday Contest Best Artwork award in 2012 - BANG! The Dice Game comes complete with five special BANG! dice, 30 game cards, arrow tokens, and bullet tokens. DV Giochi Bang!: The Dice Game Playing Time: 15 Number of Players: 3-8 Suggested Age: 8+


15 Minutes
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