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Gamegenic CHR05 - Chromino Deluxe

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Gamegenic CHR05 - Chromino Deluxe
Gamegenic CHR05 - Chromino Deluxe
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Chromino, short for chromatic domino, challenges players to empty their hand of chromino tiles first. Each such tile has three colors on it laid out in a 1x3 row. At the start of the game, each player takes a hand of eight chrominoes and a special start tile with a wild center square is placed face-up on the table. Each turn, a player either places a chromino from her hand onto the table with that chromino tile matching at least two colors on adjacent tiles already on the table or else she draws a new chromino tile from the stock, playing this tile if possible and keeping it otherwise. The first player to empty her hand wins. Gamegenic Chromino Deluxe Playing Time: 30' minutes Number of Players: 1-8 Suggested Age: 6+


30 Minutes
Number of Players:

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