N Scale Reefer

N Scale Reefer Cars

American freight trains carry the petroleum products that fuel our nation, the raw materials that build it, and even the food that feeds us. Refrigerator cars, or "reefer cars," are instrumental in carrying produce, meat, dairy, and other perishable goods that require a controlled temperature. As you place your depots along your model railroad, make sure your little communities stay well-fed with Midwest Model Railroad's N Scale reefer cars.  

We offer both classic and modern reefer cars featuring the Frisco Line, the Fruit Growers Express, the Erie Lackawanna, and other famous carriers of reefer cars. Each model is bursting with detail, from the iconic livery to the subtle but realistic intricacies of the undercarriage. You could say that these N-scale reefer cars are so true to life that they have everything but the coolant. 

Discover our array of refrigerator car models and find the right one for your next model train. 

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