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NixTrainz 4 - Decoder Buddy V1 - 8 Outputs - HO Scale

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1k ohm resistors

The Decoder Buddy was developed for the 8 output decoders.

This mother board does not include the 21-Pin Decoder.

This mother board requires soldering.

This printed circuit board is NOT INTENDED FOR USE IN A DC SYSTEM.  However, if the decoder you are using supports DC operation it should work.

The Original Decoder Buddies come with standard 1K resistors onboard.  Some dealers also stock 2.2K original Decoder Buddys.  The resistor values are printed on the packaging header in white circles.

I can substitute / supply custom specified resistors for function outputs.  These may be requested by the email link.

The mother board includes:

  • One 21 Pin Decoder receptacle
  • Two pairs of track input pads
  • One pair of motor input pads
  • One set of stay alive pads, U+, GND.  (The white wire from a Power Pack can be soldered onto the Original Decoder Buddy fairly easily)
  • Two pairs of speaker pads in parallel by side
  • 8 lighting outputs on a separable “small connector board”


HO Scale

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