Atlas 50005349 – 40′ Refrigerated Containers – 3 Pack CP Ships Set 1 – N Scale


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Since the 1970s most international freight has been shipped by standardized 20- and 40-foot containers. Some of this huge flow of cargo between countries needs to be refrigerated for the transit. The second most common type of ISO* container in use is the refrigerated container. Today’s refrigerated container design uses high tech composite (plastics and metals) construction and a “picture frame” type refrigeration unit. Atlas’ model represents a standard 40-foot high-cube refrigerated container (ISO Type Code 45R1) found in many shipping and leasing fleets.

*ISO is the International Organization for Standardization.


  • Prototypically accurate Daikin reefers
  • 40-foot High-Cube Refrigerated Container
  • Composite materials sandwich-sides design
  • Detailed picture window refrigeration unit with separate parts
  • ISO Type 45R1
  • Five hinge / four bar doors with OUT style handles

Atlas N Scale
40′ Refrigerated Containers – 3 Pack
Road Name: CP Ships
Road Number: Set 1

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