Labelle 134 – Micro Powdered PTFE Dry Lubricant


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Labelle Micro-fine powder with PTFE “the slickest substance known to man”
#0430-134 Micro Powdered PTFE* Dry Lubricant (Clean, white, non-staining. micro-powered PTFE*)

  • –For any area needing lubrication where a non-staining high performance lubricating powder is your best choice.
  • –Electric Razors
  • –Zippers
  • –Drawer hinges and drawer slides
  • –Garden Tools
  • –Small gear sets, toys, model trains and race cars.
  • –Unlimied Uses. Anything with moving parts (If it Moves – Lube it !) 

**PTFE has been called “the slickest substance known to man” is is the parent chemical of “Teflon” which is registered trademark of Dupont Chemicals.

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