Lonestar Model 12029 – Company Decal Accessory Pack – Set #1 – 6 Assorted – HO Scale


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Decals For Truck Tractors & Trailers, 1/87 (HO) scale – Includes decals for 6 different flatbed haulers’ company door logos, unit numbers, and fuel and use permit decals for following carriers:

  • Ace Doran (Cincinnati, OH)
  • B&P Motor Express (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • C&H Transportation (Dallas, TX)
  • Hill & Hill (Houston, TX)
  • International Transport (green) (Rochester, MN)
  • Melton Truck Lines (Shreveport, LA)

Our first set of six flatbed haulers’ owner-operator truck tractor decals encompasses companies with United States nationwide authority including Alaska and Canadian authority though some were mostly regional or inter regional carriers. The truck tractors owned and operated by owner drivers for these companies during the 1960s through the 1980s ran the gamut from brand new to fairly new to 5-10 year old but still reliable and well maintained truck tractors. Since these decals represent companies operations prior to trucking deregulation in 1980, most truck tractors operating in the eastern half of the United States would of necessity been COE truck tractors to comply with the more restrictive overall length laws in those states. Those trucks operating in the Midwest and western states were more commonly conventional truck tractors due to more accommodating length laws in the region. Each lessor company had specific requirements as to age of a lessee’s truck and usually required they meet a maintenance inspection prior to leasing on. Some, such as International Transport, required that truck tractors be painted with specific colors though not in a specific scheme (refer to photos). Suitable readily available 1/87 (HO) scale models would include Athearn Freightliner and Kenworth models, in both the fancy owner operator, plain single or two color, and sometimes “used truck” previous owner paint schemes. Older Herpa North American prototype models would also be appropriate. Any resin or specialty sleeper equipped model truck tractors from the late ’60s through late ’80s would be good candidates as well. All of these companies operated primarily flatbed and dropdeck trailers but many had lowboy and even van trailers as well.

Lonestar Model HO Scale
Company Decal Accessory Pack – Set #1 – 6 Assorted
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