Miller Engineering #1062 – Animated Coppertone Billboard – HO or N Scale


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1060 Series – Coppertone Billboard
Another classic sign that is an American icon interesting article on how the Coppertone girl came to be. There is an additional set of contacts on the back that will allow the sign be flush mounted on the side of a building. This should be a great addition for any layout, we promise you won’t get burned on this one.

Size 2.5” tall x 2.375” wide

Miller Engineering’s animated billboards are our newest addition to our line of animated neon signs. These new signs incorporate many new design features such as improved connectors, no painting required, longer life, and stiffer laminations. All animated neon billboard signs have the same great benefits of all Light Works neon signs: ready-to-run, paper-thin, produce no heat, and have realism second-to-none. Try one today and you’ll be Thrilled! All signs come with a 3 AAA battery pack. Signs draw 95 ma.

Miller Engineering’s Billboards are easy to mount on your structure. Simply cut a small .75″ wide slot in the roof of your building, melt glue or 5 minute epoxy on the topside of the roof, at each end of the sign, plug in the connector and you’re done. It’s that simple!

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