Showcase Miniatures 136 – Aerial Ladder Truck – N Scale Kit


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If detail is something you have a passion for, then you won’t be disappointed in this truck. This kit combines an extensive set of stainless steel photo-etched parts, high detail resin body and cab and precision pewter castings. The etched decking features true N Scale tread plate for our promised , Fidelity of Scale. Front grilles are etched through and separate for Hyper detail (even the cooling fan on the roof of the cab has etched through details). The multi-part ladder assembly can be built either extended or retracted and can rotate on its mount. Even though it is hyper-detailed, we spent much time making the kit easy to assemble and paint – prime it with a laquer based white primer – mask it – add Testor’s Red spray paint – let it dry – and then add the stainless parts without even painting them. That’s what we did with the prototype…

Showcase Miniatures N Scale
Aerial Ladder Truck

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