Showcase Miniatures 2009 – Sunkist Packing Shed – HO Scale Kit


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This is an HO scale model kit of the San Fernando Orange Association Packing House designed as a low-relief structure, being 10 feet deep, not including a 5 foot wide loading dock. The Packing House placement on a layout spur track that is 3 1/8 inches from the track center to the backdrop. The structure is 16 inches long.
The Prototype of this model is typical of the many structures that served the citrus industries along railroad sidings and branch lines. This particular model design comes from the citrus packing shed that was once located in the San Fernando valley of California.
The model itself measures out at approximately 16 inches wide by about 2 inches deep (116 ft.x15 ft. HO scale).
The kit consists of the following primary components; laser cut and engraved walls, window, doors, trim, freight deck, stair case and a Sunkist decal graphic.
The purpose of this low relief back drop model is intended to satisfy the needs of those seeking a dimensional model that can be blended into a backdrop or placed against a wall, like on a book shelf layout. This transition technique can be as simple as placing the model between a siding and the back drop. However it can also be used in conjunction with mirrors and scenic materials that transform into a kind of visual illusion extending beyond the wall or back drop. It is an excellent way to conserve space.

Showcase Miniatures HO Scale
Sunkist Packing Shed

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