Showcase Miniatures 514 – Pole Mount Searchlight Signal – N Scale Kit


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This kit will build a single Searchlight Signal in several different configurations. Parts are included to make a Single, Double or Short Dwarf signal on a pole mount.— 5-9 – Price each = 10.95— 10 or more – Price each 9.95— (multiple kits packaged together)— Without compromising scale, we have re-designed our signals now to hold our specially designed, micro tri-color LED right in the signal head which will eliminate fiber optics. These new LEDs have been developed in partnership with Richmond Controls. We are happy with the results, as these signals emit a strong light. One LED light is required for each signal head, and yes, the wiring does fit inside the pole. The new Micro LEDs need to be purchased separately.

Showcase Miniatures N Scale
Pole Mount Searchlight Signal

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