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Tsunami2 is our line of high-end, full-featured Digital Sound Decoders that provides 16-bit sound, Hyperlight lighting effects, and Hyperdrive2 advanced motor control for steam, diesel, or electric locomotives.
Steam models have over 50 sound effects, 90 whistles, as well as multiple selections for exhaust chuffs, compressors, bells, and more.
Diesel models include over 40 sound effects, up to 12 prime movers per decoder, over 40 airhorns, and multiple selections for compressors, bells, and more.
Electric models have pantograph up/down, traction motor sounds, over 40 airhorns, and multiple selections for bells, and compressors.

The TSU-1100 is one of our smallest sound decoders, yet is packed with a plethora of high-performance features! You will feel like you are in the cab with the amazing new features that Tsunami2 has to offer including: Reactive Dynamic Digital Exhaust, Functioning locomotive and train brakes, injectors, power reverse, and firebox flicker. We also offer a large selection of selectable sound effects including: exhaust chuffs(10), prime movers (up to 12), bells (12), Whistles (90), airhorns (40+), couplers, dynamos and more!

Universal-style, 1-amp sound decoder with four 100mA lighting outputs. Ideal for small models with minimal space. It measures a mere 27 x 10.5 x 5mm. Designed for use with 1 watt, 8-ohm speakers

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 27 x 10.5 x 5mm
Max. Motor Stall Current: 1A
Max. Function Current: 100mA (each output)
Function Outputs: 4
Audio Amplifier: 1 Watt, 8-Ohm Load
DCC Track Voltage: 7.5V – 22V
Sound Channels: 16

TSU-1100 – Tsunami2 Sound Decoder

Additional information

Weight 0.03125 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 0.5 in



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