Walthers 933-3632 – Corrugated Fence 240 Scale Feet – HO Scale Kit


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Walthers Cornerstone HO Scale Corrugated Fence kit is ideal for enclosing areas where weaker fencing is likely to get damaged. Fencing at a scrap yard serves many purposes – to block the view from the outside, to keep scrap piles from spilling over the property line, to prevent passers-by from injury and, primarily, to prevent theft. This type of corrugated fence can also be used at all kinds of industrial sites such as recycling facilities, pick-a-part style auto junkyards and steel mills. The kit includes 240 scale feet of fencing with three double gates. Use the Corrugated Fence Kit to add realism around your Cornerstone HO Scale industrial buildings or scenes.

  • Great detail for trackside businesses and industries
  • Includes 240′ 73.2m scale feet of fencing 1-1/4″ 3.1cm tall
  • Adds detail to diesel-era scenes
  • Easy-to-build plastic kit
  • Molded in appropriate base color

Walthers HO Scale
Corrugated Fence 240 Scale Feet

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