Model Train Landscaping

For many people, creating a landscape means simply slapping down any kind of foliage for a bit of greenery. Discerning hobbyists, however, may deserve greater authenticity, and attention to detail ensures their intended environment is as accurate as possible. With model train landscaping, you can get plenty of tools, models, and more to ensure each environment is true to its real-world counterpart. Accurate and detailed model train trees and flowers may seem insignificant, but they’ll really sell the scene you’re trying to create.

Get in contact with us today to take advantage of our massive inventory. We’ll provide you with the model train landscaping and tools you need for any environment at an incredible quality and price. With the goal of making the model train hobby more accessible, Midwest Model Railroad is the one-stop shop for all your model train needs.

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  • Peco PSG-403 - 4mm Autumn Grass 20g

    Peco PSG-403 - 4mm Autumn Grass 20g

    MSRP: $7.64
    Scenic realism is just a step away with PECO Scene Static Grass It’s simple to use - Glue the first layer of static micro fibre ‘grass’ to your layout using the special basing glue. Subsequent layers can be fixed with the layering spray. Connect...
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    MSRP: $7.64
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