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Tangent Scale Models 2701306 - Conrail (CR) "G41A Repaint 1997" w/ Hoods - PRR Shops G41A Coil Car Conrail (CR) 606631 - HO Scale

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Tangent Scale Models 2701306 - Conrail (CR) "G41A Repaint 1997" w/ Hoods - PRR Shops G41A Coil Car Conrail (CR) 606631 - HO Scale
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Conrail (CR) “G41A Repaint 1997” w/o Hoods PRR Shops G41A Coil Car

  • Product: PRR Shops G41A Coil Car
  • Scale: HO Scale 1:87.1
  • Truck: Tangent 125-ton ASF Roller Bearing Trucks with prototype-specific rotating bearing caps and separate brake beam part 
  • Wheels: CNC-Machined 38″ Wheels

NOTE: Image is representative of car paint scheme only. See Listing for actual Car number.

CR “G41A Repaint 1976” w/Hoods illustrates an early CR repaint. Check out the “thinner” style CR logos, PC/CR style data stencils, and era appropriate ACI and PC/CR style double COTS. The early CR cars maintained their hoods for protection of the coil shipments. If you want to model the car later in their service lives, don’t panic: The hoods are removeable. The interior troughs have all of that loading and identification data, too. The ends feature the original shorter style coupler lift bar brackets and Morton style crossover platforms. The 125-Ton trucks feature rotating Timken caps, 38” wheels and accurate brake beams with truck mounted brake details.

Also, these cars look great loaded with our all-new coil loads, sold separately!

PRR Samuel Rea Shops G41A Coil Steel Gondola (HO)

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As hot rolled coil steel production accelerated during the 1960s, the railroads needed to provide railcars to secure outbound loads of this “hot” commodity. PRR’s Samuel Rea shops answered the market call with a customized railcar: PRR introduced the G41 coil steel gondola in 1965 but quickly made modifications to the design, and produced the G41A from 1966 to 1968. The G41A was a gondola design with 6 transverse troughs of varying sizes, designed to handle different loading combinations and coil roll diameters. G41As initially included specialized coil hoods that protected the loads. The G41A fleet saw modifications from Conrail in the 1990s, notably the removal of walkway supports and hood alignment guides. In 2000, NS heavily rebuilt these cars from 6 to 5 internal troughs to accommodate larger diameter coils common for the era.

The Tangent Scale Models PRR Samuel Rea Shops G41A Coil Steel Gondola accurately replicates the prototype’s distinctive 39’ body and extended draft gear. We have tooled three specific build variations: PRR delivery with removable coil hoods, Conrail 1990s modifications, and NS (post-Conrail) 2000 rebuilds. These cars come with incredible detailing including crossover platform and power brake variations, coupler lift bar variations, wire brake piping, separate metal stirrup steps, durable wire grab irons, and “near-scale” draft gear. We include coil hoods where era-appropriate. These cars come standard with HO scale’s most accurate colors and car stenciling, and ride on one of two all-new 125-Ton ASF Gould Foundry Roller Bearing trucks: with or without the PC-era coil damper detail (both with 38” wheels). Finally, our replicas are weighted properly and are equipped with Kadee® couplers which means they operate as good as they look.


HO Scale
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Conrail (CR)
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