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WizKids WZK87547 - Bequest

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WizKids WZK87547 - Bequest
WizKids WZK87547 - Bequest
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WizKids WZK87547 - Bequest
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Bequest Each round, every player gets a hand of five cards that they’ll need to split with their neighbor, representing some of Dr. Schism’s assets. It could be Treasure, Gadgets, the deeds to Hideouts, or even Evidence of his misdeeds! You’ll decide how to split the 5 cards, but split them wisely, as your neighbor will choose who gets which pile! Will you tempt them with the Gadget they’re collecting, hoping they’ll take some damning Evidence with it? Will you offer them 4 of the 5 cards, pushing them to leave you with the one item you really need? As you wait for them to decide, you have your own choice to make between the card piles split by your other neighbor. It seems obvious which pile they want you to pick—should you pick the other one? Or maybe that’s what the dastardly villain wanted all along! Each Asset type has a unique way of scoring points, adding new wrinkles as you collect. There are also Keys, which don’t give you anything on their own, but let you draft one of Dr. Schism’s powerful Special Assets. These include connections to his Lackeys, who can help you with powerful one-time effects, or blueprints for his ingenious Schemes, giving you new ways to score! But watch out—if you’re only paying attention to your neighbors, one of the villains across the table might beat you to the Special Asset you need! Bequest features phenomenal illustrations from Fiona Yap, of Dr. Schism’s estate and assets, as well as a colorful cast of Villains vying to take their place as his heir. Will you be the next great Supervillain? Contents: 150 Asset Cards 30 Special Cards 8 Character Power Cards 6 Reference Cards 1 Score Pad 6 Splittler Boards 1 Plastic Round Tracker Token 12 Plastic Decision Tokens 1 Game Board 1 Rulebook WizKids Bequest Playing Time: 30' minutes Number of Players: 3-6 Suggested Age: 10+


30-45 Minutes
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