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About Midwest Model Railroad

In 2011 Midwest Model Railroad started with the idea of making this hobby more accessible to everyone. Since day one we have striven to keep our operating costs to a bare minimum and pass on those savings to you, the hobby's best customers. As of 2023 we are succeeding in offering some of the best prices anywhere in the hobby.

Some great side effects of this goal have been the creation of real-time inventory on our website and a turnaround time of just one day between purchase and shipping. In 2021 we moved to a new 15,000sqft location in Independence Missouri that serves as both our retail location and our shipping facility. Our central location near Kansas City, MO means orders can get to any corner of the United States, usually arriving within just a few days..


A New Store in 2021

2021 was another expansion year for Midwest Model Railroad. We expanded to 15,000sqft to accommodate a better buying experience for our customers.

Midwest Model Railroad's new store & distribution center can now accommodate ever-expanding product lines and inventory to surpass our initial online experience.


A New Style of Model Train Store

From 2009 through 2017 I traveled about 330 days a year for work, and in every town I was in I tried to visit at least one model train store.

Many of the stores I visited were poorly organized which made it difficult to find product. Hearing multiple times, "yeah we should have that around here somewhere."

We set out to do it better. After years of continual refining and customer feedback we have one of the best and most customer friendly train stores in America.


From Ground Up with Customer Experience First


Using our precision inventory system and computer designed store layout, you have quick, easy access to all products in a logically laid out modern train store.

Customers wanting to just come in and browse will find everything grouped together so they can easily see all of the rolling stock, structures, accessories and other train related parts and equipment quickly and easily vs wandering aimlessly.

Online shoppers wanting local pickup will not be late for dinner, with a stop on their way home lasting as little as 30 seconds.


Online Customer Bonus

Our new space has provided some great benefits for our online customers as well.

Most orders before 1pm now are able to be shipped the same day, while all orders go out within one business day.

Increased space has allowed us to increase our inventory.

We are continuously adding new product lines to better serve the modeling community.

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