The Benefits of Buying N Scale Model Trains

The Benefits of Buying N Scale Model Trains

For newcomers to the hobby, model railroads may seem overwhelming with how many options and scales there are for you to choose from. However, things start becoming much clearer once you understand that the HO scale and N scale are the two most widely used scales for model trains. While the HO scale is marginally more popular, here are some of the benefits of buying N scale model trains instead.

Maximizes Space

The primary benefit of N scale train engines and their associated accessories is that they’re a smaller, compact size in comparison to the HO scale. This allows you to make the most of your space, especially if you’re building your railroad in an apartment or similarly smaller spaces—not everyone has a sprawling basement to devote to their trains. Don’t think for a second this comes at the cost of quality, however. Despite their smaller size, N scale trains are painstakingly detailed to be as close to representing the real-world equivalent as possible.

Complex Builds

Similarly, thanks to them being smaller, N scale trains are even great for veteran enthusiasts who crave more complex designs and dioramas. The N scale makes it easier to create long, elaborate tracks that wind up mountains or bustling trainyards that would otherwise demand a lot more space. Complex buildings are possible on large scales, of course, but once again it comes down to a matter of size and how much space you must dedicate to your railroad.


If you like to customize your trains to add more bells and whistles that further replicate real-life railroads, N scale trains will absolutely let you do that. This could include speakers for sound effects or details like snowplows for your winter landscapes. This customizability also makes it easier to repair or replace damaged parts so that your trains stay fresh and in good condition.


Lastly, and perhaps one of the most important benefits of buying N scale model trains, is that they are very affordable for newcomers. While the HO scale is the most popular, the N scale is still very popular—particularly among Japanese hobbyists. As a result, you can find plenty of affordable trains, tracks, and accessories for you to enjoy.

10th Jun 2022 Stephen Atwell

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