Top 3 Most Used Railroad Lines in American History

Top 3 Most Used Railroad Lines in American History

The history of the railroads in America stretches back to the early 1800s, as these rails became one of the most influential travel methods in our country. To this day, railroads still see heavy use and are growing in popularity. To best understand their continued use through history, here’s a look at the most popular railroad lines in America based on the number of people who use them annually.

MTA Long Island Railroad

The most popular railroad, when measured by passengers, is the MTA Long Island Railroad or LIRR. In 2022, the railroad had a ridership of around 70,342,700, with about 239,000 people every weekday. This train is the oldest railroad in the USA with its original name and charter, traversing more than 700 miles and more than 100 stations.

MTA Metro-North Railroad

The Metro-North Railroad (MNCW) is a suburban commuter rail running from Hudson Valley, New York, to southwest Connecticut. It’s no surprise it’s the second most popular railroad when you measure by passengers. With a bit more than 52 million passengers in 2022 and 211,000 passengers per weekday, this railroad sees a lot of foot traffic daily.

NJ Transit Railroad

According to the numbers of 2022, the NJ Transit railroad, NJTR, is the next most popular railroad line in American history. This rail system covers transportation all around New Jersey, including New York City. With nearly 46 million people in 2022 taking the NJTR and 125,000 average weekday riders, no one can deny the popularity of this railroad. Another claim to fame for this railroad is that it has the most route miles in the US.

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12th May 2023

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