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NCE 0023 - RB02 Wireless Base Station

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NCE 023 - RB02 Wireless Base Station
NCE 023 - RB02 Wireless Base Station
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Second generation two way wireless for DCC. Will handle up to 48 wireless cabs. All features of your cabs are available without plugging in! 

Radio equipped cabs automatically switch from radio mode to tethered mode when plugged in. A seven foot cab bus hook up cable is included. The RB02 and RPT1 are NCE's second generation two-way radio system for NCE wireless throttle operation. The RB02 (Radio Base station) is designed to work with NCE wireless cabs to eliminate the need for tethered operation. Only one RB02 may be connected to your DCC system. In many cases the RB02 alone is sufficient to cover most layouts.


  • Second Generation two way wireless for DCC Handles up to 48 wireless cabs. 
  • Use up to 30 repeaters with one base station.
  • Two way communication with the cab.
  • All features of your Cabs are available without plugging in. Just plug it in - no soldering! Cabs automatically switch over to bus power when plugged in.

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