5 Unique Gifts for Model Train Enthusiasts

5 Unique Gifts for Model Train Enthusiasts

If you have a model train enthusiast in your life, you’ve probably noticed that the hobby requires a lot of different tools, parts, and paints. That should make buying gifts easy, right? Well, it might not be easy if you’re not into the hobby; for example, do you know which scale your model train lover uses? To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of five unique gifts for model train enthusiasts that don’t require knowing too many specifics.

Decorative Signs

Signs for different train lines are perfect decorations in a hobbyist’s train room. If you can figure out which line your train enthusiast likes to model, be sure to include that company’s sign. Here’s a tip: you can find the company name on the sides of most model train cars (Canadian National, Procor, TH&B, etc.).

DCC System

There are two main systems model railroaders use to control their tracks: direct current (DC) and digital command control (DCC). DCC is more expensive, but it allows you to fully control all of the bells and whistles—literally—of your trains from your phone, tablet, or remote control. If you want to help a hobbyist take their train game to the next level, a DCC system is an amazing gift.

Hot Wire Cutter

One of the easiest ways to build realistic landscapes is by using pink insulation foam since it’s lightweight and holds its shape well. To help them sculpt foam quickly and more accurately, get your favorite railroader a hot wire cutter, either the handheld or stationary version.

Weathering Kits

Weathering kits make great stocking stuffers because they’re small, like makeup compacts. Most kits include three to five pigments that hobbyists can use to add realistic weathering effects to their trains, such as dirt, rust, and snow.

Scenery Kits

What really makes a model train layout shine is the amount of work you put into the scenery. The more detail there is, the more the layout looks like a snapshot from a miniature world. To help the model railroader in your life, try gifting them a scenery kit with different types of trees, rocks, or water effects.

The wonderful thing about these unique gifts for model train enthusiasts is that you don’t have to understand too much about the hobby in order to buy them. However, if you’d like to buy someone a more specific gift for their layout, like HO scale freight cars, contact Midwest Model Railroad. We’d love to help you find the perfect gift for the model railroader in your life.

23rd Nov 2022 Steven Atwell

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