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Carrera 20061614 - Extension Set 3

Carrera 20061614 - Extension Set 3
Carrera 20061614 - Extension Set 3
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Carrera 20061614 - Extension Set 3
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16 track sections for your DIGITAL 143 race track DIGITAL 143 To extend the race track Package contents: 8 straight sections 342 mm, 4 corners 1/45 degrees, 4 steep corners 1/45 degrees incl. supports Fancy some new track highlights? Every committed Carrera fan cherishes and cares for their race track, which has been built with love and is constantly growing. To make it even better, bigger and more exciting, you can expand your Carrera DIGITAL 143 race track with new features and more track sections. With this extension set on a scale of 1:43 you get eight straight sections with a length of 342 mm, four 1/45° corners and four 1/45° steep corners. At the 45 degree incline corners, there are supports to give the steep corner the necessary stability. Use this set to re-design your race track and add new parts. Above all, the steep corner above the ground will give you and your vehicle a new driving feeling that keeps the fun factor alive and kicking. Carrera Extension Set 3


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